Meekers Medical is your distributor for Schwert in the Netherlands.

Since 1896 Schweickhardt offers its customers the German quality and reliability as may be expected. Under the world famous brand SCHWERT they are one of the leading manufacturers specialized in the production of dental instruments and mainly in the fields of implantology, oral surgery and orthodontics. At its production site in Germany, Tuttlingen draws on an enormous wealth of experience among the employees, most of whom have been working at SCHWERT for decades. The quality of SCHWERT instruments is consistently enhanced by ongoing training in all production techniques and the training of young, motivated employees.

Twelve reasons to choose SCHWERT instruments;

  • DESIGN FOLLOWS FUNCTION instruments enable safe and ergonomic work. THE PRECISION is ensured by the use of state-of-the-art production techniques combined with the craftsmanship of the employees, some of whom have been working for decades.
  • THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE FUNCTION of the instruments is gained from the collaboration with well-known users worldwide. THE RESOURCES exclusively come from German manufacturers and are the essential prerequisite for the consistently high quality in the production of SCHWERT instruments.
  • ACCURATE CLOSURES seals ensure play-free guidance and a long, wear-free operation.
  • CARBIDE INSERTIONS for instruments that must permanently meet stringent requirements.
  • SIMPLE CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Due to the use of high-quality materials, SCHWERT instruments are suitable for all conventional disinfection and cleaning methods. Regular care by means of oil changes ensures a long service life of the instrument.
  • QUALITY MANAGEMENT ensures that production is always carried out in accordance with the applicable standards and laws.
  • OUR SERVICE guarantees quick and cost-effective refurbishment if ever needed.
  • PRICE-PERFORMANCE RATIO Quality instruments are the better choice despite a higher price. They allow the clinician to achieve the same goal in a shorter time, providing better results and a faster healing process. They last longer and minimize the cost of replacement, new purchase and repair.
  • MORE SATISFACTION for the user and the patient through precise and ergonomic procedures

Quality assurance
ISO 13485:2016
  93/42 EEG | CE