Meekers Medical recycles

For years Meekers Medical has been recycling surgical instruments and similar articles for its customers. In most cases, these are instruments and articles that have been removed from circulation due to standardization and have ended up in the cellars of hospitals somewhere. These instruments are often in excellent condition and perfect for doctors and surgeons working in countries with different quality requirements and less money to spend.
Meekers Medical collects such supplies from hospitals and health care institutions that have a need for them. On location in Utrecht, the shipments are sorted and filtered. The usable items are sorted by type or specialty and kept separate for institutions that are involved in healthcare in 3rd world countries. Everything that is not usable is transported to a facility that processes stainless steel and thus takes care of recycling the materials.
The collection of your instruments is reimbursed at the daily stainless steel value per kg. This way you get the most out of your waste!

Medic Foundation

Meekers Medical donates instruments and similar medical articles to the Medic Foundation. Medic is a non-profit organization that collects, repairs and distributes medical equipment and goods for health projects in economically disadvantaged areas.


Jan Wouter Brunings (ENT doctor Maastricht UMC)

Jan Wouter Brunings is an ENT doctor at Maastricht UMC has brought a great selection of instruments to Gambia. The following is his story:

“My project does not have a name yet, currently I am working in a my personal capacity. I have the connection with the only ENT doctor in The Gambia in the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, formerly Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital in Banjul, which resulted from the relationship with Lamin Health Center in Lamin. I can distribute Instruments to the necessary locations. ENT stuff is deployed directly, small surgical stuff goes to Lamin and large surgical also goes back to Banjul. For example, last year I took a box of anesthesia laryngoscopes from Lamin to the EFSTH but similarly gynecological stuff went to another clinic. It just depends on who you meet and who can use it.”

Dutch Urology Foundation

The Dutch Urology Foundation is an organization, which advocates for patients with urological disabilities in less developed countries. The foundation achieves this goal by supporting urologists, urological care providers or institutions, financially and logistically. Materials in local hospitals are often limited. The urologists who work together with the Dutch Urology Foundation are often working throughout the year to collect materials. Urologist Ronald Nooter from the Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland hospital has chosen a fine selection of instruments for his project in Ghana.

Below his story: “I work 2 weeks a year in the Holi Family Hospital in Nkawkaw Ghana and do urological work. This often has to be done with substandard equipment. Our organization ( is also active in Battor, Ghana and in the MCMC in Moshe, Tanzania.

We are extremely grateful for all of the varying donations and parties that make these donations possible. When you watch the video below and see how people in other places in the world still have to work in the hospital you understand that all donations are invaluable.”

Click here for a preview of the Holi Fami Hospital in Nkawkaw Ghana

Gerard Rutten (former CSA manager, Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital in Tilburg)

Since his retirement Gerard Rutten tries to contribute to improving care in less fortunate countries. The following is his story:

“Through Meekers Medical I have received instruments that are intended for use in Cuba. The shipment is waiting but because of the Covid-19 situation it hasn’t left yet. The Ministry of Health in Cuba is eager to welcome us. We are very happy with such initiatives and wonderful donations.”

Medical footwear to Bosnia

In 2018, we were able to give medical footwear to nursing students who went on a trip to Bosnia.

The following is his story:

“In June I had the opportunity to volunteer in Bosnia together with 46 other students. They are all students from the nursing school. In the run-up I received a lot of wooden shoes from your company, more than I had personally expected. On the first day we visited the local hospital and a health clinic. I wanted to leave some wooden shoes at both institutions. Other than clogs, we had collected other items for the children’s ward. We were able to hand over an extremely large number of teats, toothbrushes and toothpaste. The department was extremely happy with this. When we arrived with clogs for the nurse and for the doctor, they looked like children in a candy store. The doctor was particularly surprised by the fact that we had his shoe size. A perfectly normal size in Holland but apparently big for Bosnian standards! Size 43.”

SOEGG (Stichting Oost-Europahulp Gereformeerde Gezindte)

SOEGG provides humanitarian aid in Ukraine. It collects depreciated medical equipment from Dutch hospitals, refurbishes it and installs and maintains it in nine hospitals in Zhitomir. They also raise money for new equipment to be purchased in Ukraine.

“The company Meekers Medical supports the humanitarian hospital work of the Soegg Foundation by donating usable instruments and medical supplies. These items will go to six hospitals, Oncology, two regional hospitals and two children’s hospitals in ZHITOMIR in the Ukraine.”