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For our fixation products, we intentionally choose quality. From the very beginning until the end of its lifetime. The secret of Meekers Medical is to think along with the customer to achieve an optimal fixation solution. We will gladly discuss with you what the most effective fixation solution is for you.

Protection and control

By having instruments fixed, you have an instant overview of the contents of your instrument set. You can see at a glance whether instruments are absent During cleaning and transport, instruments are optimally protected. Thanks to innovative solutions and because we have the best price-quality ratio in the market, more and more hospitals are choosing instrument fixation with Meekers Medical.

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FixationManager: a unique online application

All instrument sets that have been fixed are registered in the FixationManager database. FixationManager is an online application for hospitals, which makes it possible to manage instrument sets, label instruments and place subsequent orders. FixationManager is designed by Meekers Medical and is a free service for customers.

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Open fixation method

Meekers Medical fixes instruments in such a way that there is as little contact as possible with the silicone. This method ensures optimal cleansing and sterilization of the instruments. The open fixation method also reduces residual moisture after autoclaving, provided the correct ratio of plastic to metal is present in the mesh.

Full Color Labels

Fixed instrument sets are, if desired, provided with Full Color printed labels. A common application is the placement of the Full Color overview picture, which offers several advantages during handling at CSA, for example. The labels are of course immune to the sterilization process and intensive use.

Tagging on stainless steel, silicone and other materials

Using Laser Technology it is possible to place tags on stainless steel, silicone or other materials. Possible applications are item numbering and / or dimensions of instruments but also barcodes, data matrix, logos or texts can be engraved. All this can be done upon request and will be ‘Custom Made’ by Meekers Medical.

Drilling, milling and screw racks

There are also many possibilities for securing screws, drills and milling cutters in racks, nets, cases.

Barcode or QR code engraving

Barcode stickers on instrument nets often come off during the cleansing and sterilization process. In cooperation with a number of hospitals we went looking for a sustainable solution to this problem. By applying laser printing it is possible to get the barcodes you want on your instrument nets. We can also engrave QR codes or texts of your choice so that your instrumentation nets are always provided with the correct information.