Our Mission

As a distributor (and manufacturer) of surgical instruments, medical devices, medical footwear and medical furniture, Meekers Medical is committed to providing its customers with the best possible service and a fair price/performance ratio every day. Meekers Medical has been known from its inception as an honest and reliable organization where the customer(satisfaction) is central. This means that not only the delivery of goods and services must be carried out as agreed, but also that customer questions are answered in a timely manner and as agreed.

For years, customers have acknowledged that Meekers Medical offers the best price-quality ratio. Furthermore, Meekers Medical is valued for its relationship building and ability to think along with customers. It is a matter of course for Meekers Medical that its customers receive the most tailored advice possible, even if this means that it is not the best possible sales solution for Meekers Medical.

Meekers Medical takes its professional work at a regulatory level, in accordance with the latest international standards and requirements, as self evident. The advancement and safety of medical care is important and patient safety is an essential part of this. Patient safety is therefore also an important part of its policy.

Meekers Medical requires of itself that it continuously adapts to the needs of its customers and new market requirements. The quality standards that arise in agreement with customers, suppliers and employees contribute to the ultimate customer satisfaction. Meekers Medical stands for professionalism, high quality and reliability. The core of our quality policy is: “Say what you do, do what you say and prove it”


‘Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without threatening the supply of resources for future generations’.

This involves more than just concern for the environment. A development is sustainable if it also takes into account economic, human and social aspects. Because not only natural resources are scarce, also a healthy population, a wellfunctioning community, social trust, machines and infrastructure are not infinite. Meekers Medical believes that it must take responsibility for this.

As such, Meekers Medical offers a safe working environment for its employees under fair conditions. An informal atmosphere and open communication ensures a cohesive team that always tries to find a suitable solution for the customer. Meekers Medical is proud to state that its employees have a wealth of knowledge and experience in repairing and fixing surgical instruments as well as buying and selling them. The development of skills and abilities of employees is encouraged at all times within the organization. Relationships are characterized by respect, dignity, honesty and courtesy.

Competition is only allowed within a legally and ethically permissible framework and anti-competitive behaviour such as secret price fixing, bribery and corruption is strictly prohibited. Compliance with applicable laws and professional standards while maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of customers, employees and other business associates is a self-evident fact. Meekers Medical represents fundamental human rights and avoids business activities that violate human rights.

In 2015, 17 sustainable world goals (the Sustainable Development Goals) were agreed upon by the 193 member states of the United Nations. The UN calls on not only governments but also citizens and businesses to contribute to the achievement of these goals.

Meekers Medical focuses primarily on the following goals:

3: Good health and well-being for all by providing others with good surgical instruments and medical footwear and supporting in training. 12: Responsible consumption and production through the repurposing of defective products.
13: Addressing climate change by using renewable energy.

Above all, Meekers Medical focuses on the well-being and recovery of the patient. Only high-quality materials are used. Patient safety is not only important in the Netherlands, but also in countries where good healthcare is less obvious. Not only does Meekers Medical offer free repairs, but they also donate medical instruments and footwear to areas in the world where patient safety and good healthcare are at stake. Being a part of patient safety and the advancement of medical health care is a critical component. Meekers Medical strives to minimize negative environmental impacts from its operations. For this reason, stainless steel materials have been recycled for many years, transport is avoided as much as possible – e.g. by delivering shipments personally when visiting customers, managing waste streams separately and using energy-efficient lighting and machines.The focus is mainly on the front end of the recycling process. Firstly, ensuring that less energy is used in order to reuse the residual waste afterwards (for example, the stainless steel materials). Meekers Medical is located in Utrecht, one of the communities in the Netherlands that scores the best in terms of energy, sustainability, mobility and waste. This is one of the reasons for the decision to establish the company in Utrecht. Meekers Medical supports the ambitious climate objective of the city of Utrecht to be climate neutral in 2030. Therefore, several years ago Meekers Medical decided to install solar panels. This allows for a large part of its own consumption to be covered. Saving energy also leads to reducing CO2 emissions and thus fighting climate change. A good example of a win-win situation.


Feel free to make an appointment for a tour at Meekers Medically insured you can see with their own eyes what they stand for.