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Take good care of your instruments

Repair, modification, revision and maintenance of surgical instruments

Meekers Medical takes care of the repair and maintenance of your surgical instruments in its broadest sense. If repaired efficiently, your surgical instruments will last much longer which will save on your budget.

At Meekers Medical we are not restricted to one particular brand. We repair all different kind of brands and instruments. Original parts are used as much as possible. Our strength lies within a broad range of knowledge and diversity. All surgical instrument repairs are carried out to an exceptionally high standard.

Meekers Medical has a well-equipped workshop where our exceptionally experienced instrument makers take care of qualitative excellent repairs. On average our instrument-makers have 20 years of experience in the surgical instruments trade.

What can we repair?

Practically everything that is mechanically used on an OR department:

surgical instruments, drill or saw apparatus, dental instruments, electrosurgical instruments, laparoscopical instruments, scopes, diamond knives, flexible biopcy forceps, and many more.

If we are not able to repair your surgical instruments, we will provide you with a clear and honest solution. Meekers Medical makes repairing your instruments worth your while!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our products and services.