Meekers Medical is the exclusive Dutch distributor for LUCINI.

LUCINI manufactures devices and technologies designed to provide maximum value to the surgical procedure. Therefore they are excellent in every other context in which the main aim of Health Operators is to restore and improve men’s health. The devices, technologies and environments that interact with the surgical procedure must be excellent so the procedure could generate maximum value.

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Products are designed for the specific intended use

Products could be used in various departments

Hygienic SA.FE® technology
The design and used materials have antibacterial properties which prevent the adhesion and accumulation of dirt, both organic and inorganic.

Effectiveness, efficiency, safety and satisfaction are guaranteed, even when intensively used.

Products are suitable and interchangeable with other brands and types of devices

Environmentally friendly
Production, distribution and disposal cycles are aiming for compatibility with the user environment and the environment

Products are designed for intensive use and have a long durability

Quality guarantee
  ISO 9001:2015
  ISO 13485-2015
  93/42 EEG | CE