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We are specialised in fixation. We make use of high quality silicone bars.

What are the advantages of fixating your instruments in silicone bars?

  • It protects your (often expensive) instruments during sterilisation or transport
  • It provides a neat and organised arrangement of your instruments
  • Because of the minimum amount of contact points, the instruments stay clean and hygienic.

Our Speciality

An important benefit of letting Meekers Medical fixate your instruments in silicone bars is that it is possible to utilise the baskets you already have in use. The custom made silicone fixation is applicable to each specialism: Orthopaedics, ear, nose and throat Medicine, Urology, Neurosurgery and Surgery.

Silicone fixation provide the opportunity to fixate your instruments in sterilisation baskets with a lid (with or without double layer fixation) to protect even the most fragile items.

Custom Made

Meekers Medical adapts the silicone fixation of instruments to your needs and/or baskets. All these possibilities in combination with the large assortment in instrument baskets gives you many options to choose from.

Browse through our online catalogue for more examples and decide for yourself what type of silicone fixation would be applicable in your situation.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our products and services.


FixationManager is developed by Meekers Medical as a free service for our customers.

With a personal online account in Fixation Manager you have the opportunity to upload your instrument sets, pictures and details about the instruments. Existing sets can be uploaded, together with every instrument in detail.

The detail of one set can be saved, which can save a lot of time when the same set needs to be fixated. The Fixation Manager can be implemented by any kind of business.