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For our fixation products, we consciously choose for quality. From the beginning to the end of the product’s lifespan. The strength of Meekers Medical is to think along with the customer in order to arrive at an optimal fixation solution together. We will be pleased to look for the most ideal fixation solution for you.

Protection and control

Instrument fixation ensures a clear overview of the contents of your instrument set. You can see whether instruments are missing at a glance. Instruments are protected optimally during cleaning and transportation. That is why many hospitals chose Meekers Medical instrument fixation.

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Fixation Manager: unique online application

All fixated instrument sets are documented in the Fixation Manager database. Fixation Manager is an online application for hospitals that allows administration of instrument sets, instrument labelling, and placement of repeat orders. Fixation Manager was developed by Meekers Medical, and is a free service for our customers.

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Open fixation method

Meekers Medical fixates instruments in a way that minimizes contact with the silicone. This method ensures optimal instrument cleaning and sterilisation. This open fixation method also reduces residual moisture after autoclaving, provided the correct ratio of plastics/metal is present in the net.

Full Colour Labels

If desired fixated instrument sets can be equipped with Full Colour printed labels. A common use for this feature is inclusion of the Full Colour overview photograph, which has advantages during handling by the sterilisation department, for example. The labels are resistant to the sterilisation purpose and designed for intensive use.

Markings on stainless steel, silicone and other materials

Using Laser Technology, markings can be placed on stainless steel, silicone or other materials. Potential uses include article number and/or sizing information for instruments, but also engraving of bar codes, a data matrix, logos or text. Bespoke solutions, provided on-demand by Meekers Medical.

Drill, mill and screw racks

The possibilities for fixation of screws, drilling and milling bits in racks, nets or cases are legion.

Engrave a barcode or QR code

Barcode stickers on instrument trays often release during the cleaning and sterilization process. In collaboration with a number of hospitals, we started looking for a sustainable solution for this problem. It is possible to get desired barcodes on your trays by engraving. We could also engrave QR codes or required texts, so that your instrument trays are always provided with the correct information.