About us

Meekers Medical B.V. was founded on 1 November 1995, and is located on the Wetering (Utrecht) industrial estate near the A2 motorway in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
All company operations take place at a single central location. Our team currently consists of 21 staff members, who work in the following divisions:

  • Sales & distribution of surgical instruments and related products
  • Repair & maintenance of surgical instruments
  • Instrument fixation in nets

How we work

It is our mission to develop a loyal customer base by ensuring we provide high standards of quality and service. We believe in a personalised approach, focused on the customer’s wishes.

Quality management

As a supplier, we have to deal with a broad range of legislative and regulatory requirements for quality, safety and hygiene. As our clients must also comply with these requirements, we have single contact for all documentation required for matters relating to ISO, CE, FDA, CSR, RI+E, Infection Prevention (WIP), validation, cleaning, decontamination, hygiene and health & safety.

Customer reviews: